March 07, 2014

Our Arranged Love Story....

Edward and I, we met for the first time at the Besant Nagar Church. We had just started talking to each other two days before. Our first conversation was really funny. No one would believe, we spoke for 2 hours. Mom had given me his number in the morning. She said Edward would call; I have to be polite, calm and composed. Well that’s not the real me! Anyways, I agreed to her and told to myself “I have keep the conversation sweet and short”

My parents have been hunting for a boy to get me married. Every time, I found good reasons to reject them. I was enjoying my single-dom and the freedom associated with it. This time it was Edward. Mom and Dad had already met Edward and his elder brother a week before. I was just going to talk to Edward, and find one good reason to reject him.

It was 21 November 2013, a Thursday, Edward called me around 1.30pm. I don’t exactly remember what we spoke, but both of us were talking and laughing for a long time. I realized that we had spoken for more than 2 hours only when I disconnected the call.
Since that day we never ceased talking. We met for the very first time at Besant Nagar Church on 24 November 2013, a Sunday evening. I had asked him to keep the meeting hushed up from my parents and his elders. It was a weird meeting, I would say! I didn’t like him much in the first meeting. We sat at the sea shore and spoke for sometime. We had a pizza for dinner and bid good bye for the day. I don’t understand why but, we continued talking on the phone. We decided to meet again and we did. We went on a long drive. This time it was different, I was kinda attracted to him. Then we met for the third time, then fourth and fifth…
We discovered that we love the same kind of music, we dislike curd rice, we both love and enjoy travelling, we both have similar taste of colors on cloths. Like a fairy tale we got engaged on 23 January 2014 and married on 19 February 2014.

With Edward, I am the crazy myself. This Sophie, the world doesn’t know, my parents don’t know. Ours is a typical South Indian Arranged Marriage. When we announced it to our friends, no one would believe, because we had a lot of fun at our Engagement and Wedding.

I was a rational person, a scientist, a busy nerd, who doesn’t have time for family or friends, who didn’t cook, never did any house- hold chores, always pampered, taken care off etc. I have changed into a person who is a best friend, travel mate and wife for my husband. Now, I find happiness in doing my job at work as well as taking care of my household, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Dear Honey Bun,

Love…..for me, is craziness, is passion, to sit alone and keep thinking about you and smile for no reason. Love is my ignorance that would never end. Love is to check my mobile phone in-numerous times a day expecting your texts, reading your old texts
Love is to gaze at hoardings that have your name! My love is to watch you sleep. My love is to wear your shirt and look into the mirror.
My love is sipping hot coffee on a rainy day with you, hugging you close watching your face look at me with love all night. My love is enjoying a long drive with you. Spending time listening to our favorite music tracks. Chatting with you my back leaning on yours under the starry night sky...
My love is to dream about our kids. My love is to blush imagining you changing nappies. My love is disagreeing falsely to many things that you say. My love is to pick up little fights, see your face change and to later make up for it
My love is to trust you without questioning, to accept you without change, to need you without demanding, to get without asking, understanding without talking.
Love is to think of what you would probably be thinking at that moment. Love is to write a love note for you and hide it in your bag, to make a silly card for you, to rant for hours about the day’s happenings and all that happens under the sun.
My love is a tingle, I can’t explain. I know, I am in love. Whenever I imagine you look into my eyes, I feel love. That is why I keep gazing at your face for hours is much more than this to me... I won't be able to explain all that I feel...the stars and sun are not my concern, but you are!
Love is 'You'...Love is 'I'...My love is to desire you...and to feel desired

With love

Looking back, I never imagined that life would offer me so much craziness, fun and love… I went further and got closer

Watch Sumeet and Chetna get away from it all and closer to each other

Well, here is our love story

Eddy-Sophie Love Story by Slidely Slideshow

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Susan Deborah said...

Cogratulations Sophie and Eddie. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, joy and beautiful moments.

Joy always,

P. S. All the best for the contest.

ashok said...

congrats Sofy! very happy for you! you two make a lovely couple...God Bless U both!

My Nomad Thoughts said...

Congratulations to both of you :D Hoping you'll have a lifetime of joy, togetherness and beautiful memories along the way.

Henanksha said...

Congratulations Sofia and Edward... may u stay blessed always :)