December 01, 2012

My perfect festive look - wish list

Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping - Oscar Wilde

We are almost at the verge of 2012. It’s December, and going to be Christmas soon. Christmas always makes me think about shopping for the season, gifts, getting dressed up and going to church!

Shopping is always lot of fun especially when it's during Christmas. I shop for 4 to 5 dresses every Christmas. One for Christmas eve, one for early morning mass on Christmas day, one for New years eve, and one for New year midnight mass...

Electric colors have an impact on me. Sheen, Shine and Sparkle is my bold mantra! I love strong colors! I love tribal prints! I love to look hot, chic and catwalk on the streets! Well, who does not???

My wardrobe currently has lot of ethnic Indian wear, pastel tops, wrap around skirts half and full, solid color trousers, soft color shirts etc.

So what's new on my mind? I am not a fashion designer, I am a scientist who travels a lot. For me fashion is, what makes me feel good, feel happy, comfortable to wear, which I can carry myself with confidence and ease. I love it when the women on the street look at me with jealousy!

Friday or Saturday Night, I am ready to go GLAM with these super chic shopperstop dresses....I always wear my invisible crown

So here is my wishlist for this festive season...what I call the bare necessities in life.
Ensemble for the festive season from shoppersstop

Note: The fashion ensemble (images) are made by me using images from for the perfect festive look competition announced by

Happy shopping folks
Merry Christmas and New year in advance


Unknown said...

Good one, Wish you luck with the contest..

Ranjith said...

The collections look perfect! Good luck for the contest!