May 19, 2013

Near death to life....

It was a Sunday and early in the morning. My mobile phone doesn’t usually ring at this time, that day it was quiet unusual. It was ringing and some unknown number was flashing on the phone! It was a call from Apollo Hospitals.

The lady voice on the other side said “Madam, one of your students named Sandeep has met with a fatal accident and has been admitted here, Can you please come to the trauma care center Apollo Mount Road Branch, Chennai” I immediately called my Head of the Department and informed him about the news. We took some cash and reached Apollo immediately.

After reaching there we came to know that the accident was really serious. The cops and medical staff explained how it had happened. There were two boys in the middle of the night, heavily drunk, riding their bike at more 120km/h speed. They had lost control and hit the iron divider in the center. They weren't wearing helmets. Sandeep who was in the pillion, was thrown from the bike several feel away hit the lamp post and had fallen on the floor! Sandeep was brought to Apollo with blood running down his head, ears, nose and mouth. He was in coma, with severe head injury. The other student who was driving had fractured his leg! It was a complex fracture with bones hanging out !

We paid the money which in the counter and came to know that the doctors had started treating the students as soon as they were brought to the hospital. That was such a good act, that the doctors had started treatment even before they knew who they were treating!

My HOD, then informed his parents. They came down immediately. There were few surgeries conducted in his cranium. He was kept in a dark room for more than a month under medical supervision. After 2-3 months of treatment like a miracle the boy started recovering! During the critical times the doctors were promising. He is now perfectly normal, happily married!

For me it seems like a miracle! From near death to life experience! Every time I recall this incident I am thankful to God and the doctors

(This post is an entry to the Apollo Hospitals - Indiblogger 'Touching lives' contest. you can read more about the hospital here:

psst: This is a real incident. Name changed for privacy reasons


Rupertt Wind said...

Those are some grueling moments aren't they?

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Benedict G said...

One hot summer afternoon in college road.. i saw this terrible scene.. a car had run over a man and the man was stuck under the tyres.. those who saw it were shocked.. the man was screaming .. I quickly got the ppl to lift the car and got the man out .. made him sit in the same car and took him to Apollo Greams road. The emergency got into action .. I stood amazed.

As coincidence would the victim as related to the drive in some way.

I went to enquire after 3 days I found the man has got back home. A miracle of sorts.

Sophie said...

@Rupertt.. oh yes they are...I never thought I would see that boy back in one piece was a miracle!

@Bene... omg that was something...I would have fainted on seeing such a thing.... the health care sector has tremendously improved in recent days :)

ashok said...

always a good feeling to read a happy ending...

Hair Transplant Clinic UK said...

Good one :-) Good Luck

Sophie said...

yes Ashok... i personally prefer happy endings

Thank you @hair transplant clinic