December 23, 2012

Madras to Chennai

I am from the time when Madras became Chennai!

Call it Madrasapattinam or Chennai Managaram

"Home is where the heart is!"

I would always proudly say “I was born in Chennai and grew up in Chennai". This place has taught me how to walk, laugh, cry, like, love, fight and fight back.

I say Chennai and the next thing that comes to my mind is

Idli, dosa, pongal, vadai, kozhukattai, upma...that's what I have been eating as breakfast all my life.

Filter coffee or ginger tea... is what I wake up to in the morning

St. Thomas Mount...Born in St.Thomas Mount Hospital, I have always lived around this place, went to school down hill

St. Dominic's and it's green pin-a-form. This is my school. We were called "pattani ponnunga (meaning the green peas girls)" by the neighboring schools

Kathipara Junction... I have seen this place evolve into what it is now

Bessy beach or Marina...Sea shore is one which we Chennaites are always proud off

Childrens' park & Gandhi Mandapam are walking distance from home

Theo"sophi"cal Society... the ghostly place in Chennai! Did you know Ghost research happens there ?? Beware! it has Sophi in it !!

University of Madras... I love its ancient vintage looks

Madras Christian College... Want to live US student life in India?...This is where you should be! I did my Post graduation there

CSIR Campus...This is where I work! The green patch between the concrete blocks ...I mean Ascendas and Tidel

Scorching sun and unpredictable rains are Chennai's identities

I can write endlessly about Chennai... well there are going to be other posts. Find the next one by Charan here

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Note: All the pics are clicked by me in Chennai


Susan Deborah said...

Dear Sophie:

Lovely one, here. A realistic flavour of namma Chennai.

Thanks for participating in the CBC Tablog.

Joy always,

The Pseudonym said...

The Theosophical Society has been a mystery. What's with the devils nails? WIcked looking pic and a good post to read.

Destination Infinity said...

I miss the simplicity of Kathipara junction. I miss waiting for a few minutes at that junction. Who knows, I might miss the metro rail construction as well, after it's finished! :)

I love the food of this city. That's one bond which is difficult to break. Nicely written.

Destination Infinity

Ashwini C N said...

Nice write up. Sums up everything about Chennai that is dear to you! :-)

Muthiah sriram said...

nice photos!!nice lines!

mahesh said...

Hi Sophie,

Nice one the pictures are outstanding I must say :)


ashok said...

happy new year!

Sowmya Swaminathan said...

Wonderful pictures! Great clicks!

Good post, Sophie :)

"Pattani Ponnunga"-Haha, good one :P

True about that MCC part-It is an awesome place to study. My sis is pursuing her PG there :)

Keep blogging, cheers! :)

Bhushavali - Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! said...

Wow Sophie! Amazing photographs, esp. the sunsets and water droplets in the last pic is so so beautiful!
MCC campus is heaven, its the green lungs of South Chennai... Many of my friends studied there and I've been in there for quite a few times and so badly wished if my college was as green as that!!!!!

vinodvv said...

<3 the photos.
"Kathipara Junction... I have seen this place evolve into what it is now"

It would have been like you growing, maturing right :)

Anonymous said...

luved ur snaps :):)

Hai Baji said...
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