November 07, 2004

mudhal chuzhi

Fine roses come from the thorns in life-
The trials, heartaches and pain,
As God develops a beauty within us,
Working all for our spiritual gain.
Oh, how we desire that the prickly thorns
Be removed out of our life,
But we'd desire it less if we knew God's best
Comes from that trouble and strife.
Paul prayed his thorn would be removed-
Three times he sought God's hand;
His plea was denied and Paul relied
On the Master's perfect plan.
Oh, how we bargain and beg the Father
To remove our painful thorn,
But we'd desire it less if we knew God's best
And could see the roses form.
As He molds and develops us in His Kingdom,
Such talents and gifts He adorns;
Yet, never has there been a beautiful rosebush
Without the piercing thorns;
Those stakes in our heart we feel unbearable,
And everything in us opposes,
Are the very tools our designer uses...
To develop Such Beautiful Roses.

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