January 05, 2005

first working day........

Today is the first working day in 2005. Today the staff room was filled with wishes n hugs. I had only first hour class. The class had full attendance (quite a rare event – astonishing!!). I gave the bookmarks to my students ( I had got them yesterday)…..a happy smile on their face…..saying “thank u mam” . All of them wished me a Happy New Year. Tsunami was the topic for the day ….took class for 40 mins not on tsunami but on orgin of petroleum and dispersed the class.
I then went to the laboratory staff room. The Ist yr M.Sc’s were having their practicals…..i went to one of my students from kalpakkam to enquire. I was shocked to hear her say….. “ I slipped from my dads hand…the water was pulling me towards the sea…..i thought I am finished….suddenly I hit on a lamp post I swung and held the lamp post..…my mom standing on a high place fainted seeing the water take me….i was under water…when I looked up I could see refrigerators, computers, washing machine, gas cylinders floating……..”

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