January 21, 2005

Just For A Laugh???

A little girl, when asked why we now worship on Sunday instead of the Sabbath Day, as the Jews did in the Old Testament, answered, "Because there aren't as many good cartoons on Sunday as there are on Saturday."

Whether this actually happened or was told for a laugh, I do not know, but it pretty well expressed the attitude many have toward worship. It seems that worship is something we try to tuck into those odd hours when there is nothing else to do. If anything should come up on Sunday which we would like to do instead of worshipping God, God is just crowded out again as we forsake His worship. This idea is so prevalent that I read of one church that started conducting their worship services on Thursday night so the "week-ending church members" could "conveniently" work in worship and then on the weekend they could be "free" to do what they wanted to do.

What's Happened To The Lord's Day?

This has caused someone to ask, "What has happened to the Lord's Day?" It has become Mother's Day, Father's Day, Dad's birthday, Aunt Susie's birthday, and anybody else's birthday, whether it came last Wednesday or will be next Thursday. The Lord's Day is used for Reunion Day, or just as another holiday. It is used as the Kid's Day, Dog Show Day, Cat Show Day, Hot Rod Day, Go Kart Racing Day, Tour The Country Day. Put them all together with the Sunday that is Sports Day, Camping Day, Picnic Day, Rainy Day, Cold Day, Hot Day, or the day I rest day and there aren't too many left for the Lord's Day.


We need not be surprised when God, Christ and the Lord's Work just don't seem to mean much to us any more. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God," are the words of King Jesus and they are found in Matthew 6:33. Perhaps we ought to try it and see what would happen to our lives.


Loveena said...

Very True. Did you know Easter was not Easter Sunday - but Easter Monday ? Think about it - Good Friday - 3 days after that - its Sunday Mid night that's Monday - But some uptight *** thought that friday, satuday, sunday and monday would mean too many business days and cut it short and made it Easter Sunday - I suppose !!!

We've fit God into our time table!

sophie said...

you are right Trouvaille!!
But we think that we are intelligent by doing this
Alas!! we are ditching ourselves