April 28, 2005

An Indian Story.........


Once upon a time there was a very poor and God fearing Sadhu. He had absolutely nothing. Starving, naked and without a shelter he lived alone in the jungle. He spent all his time in prayer and contemplation. He was a “perfect’ Bhramachari.

One day, some farmers discovered him. They were verymuch touched by his simplicity, poverty and holiness. Henceforth, the farmers made it a habit to visit the Sadhu in order of getting his “darshan” and “ashirvad”.

Reluctantly, the poor Sadhu put on his lion cloth. Since there were many rats in the forest, the women folk brought a cat for him to drive the rats away.

From that day on, so that the cat many not starve, the women used to bring some milk for the cat, later on, so that the cat may have its milk and they could spare themselves the trouble of coming every time, they brought him a cow.

Then, they built a small stable for the cow.

Then, they said to the good Sadhu: “It is not proper that your cow should have a stable when you don’t have even a hut to stay.” And so, they built a little hut for him.

After that, so that the good Sadhu may be able to spend all his time in prayer and contemplation and not waste time looking after the cat, the cow, the stable and the hut, they brought him a milk maid. And, then, finally the Sadhu and the milk maid lived happily together thereafter…
Note: this story is from my 9th standard moral science note book....the picture is drawn by me in MS paint .....

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