April 18, 2005


this pic was taken by Dr. AAMP my senior and colleague .....thought of mine dedicated to him...

History of the Pic: it was a dept. trip to Goa.....the train stopped in some unknown place.....oh what a yellow glory .....it was all sunflower around.....the guys couldnt control themselves....they jumped out of the train to get a few for thier gals....a way of showing how brave they were!!!....and Dr. AAMP put it on the train seat and clicked two snaps...with his nikon digicam....i have done some editing...and the pulled a piece from the pic...so howz it ???


curling fire
burning choir
twisted n tangled
my heart baffled
oh what enthralling beauty
in fervid harmony
its anchoring brilliance
all possible prudence
en suite ideal
illusion loyal
charming outlook
morn to dusk
graciously precious
crown to cease
slake my thirst
Oh yellowy mist

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