June 01, 2005

Good guys / bad boys

All men can be divided into two
Categories: good guys and bad boys…..
Though good guys call gals out, Gals want to date bad boys.
What's the lure of the bad boy?
The answer is revealed below, which shows the strange way a gals minds work when hearts are under the influence of a bad boy.

Good guy: calls every day (-10 for being desperate)
Bad boy: calls once every two weeks (+10 for even calling)

Gg: makes a date two weeks in advance (-10 for being too available)
Bb: calls at last minute for a date (+10 for being popular)

Gg: has a steady job (-10 for being ordinary)
Bb: unemployed (+10 for being artistic, anti-establishment)

Gg: wants to meet your best friend (-10 for trying to toady his way into your life )
Bb: wants to date your best friend (+10 for making you jealous)

Gg: wants a serious relationship (-10 for not having found one with anybody else)
Bb: can't make a commitment (+10 for being a challenge)

Gg: goes out of his way to please you (-10 for being dependent)
Bb: only pleases you when he feels like it (+10 for independence)

Gg: takes you to expensive restaurants (-10 for making you wear panty hose)
Bb: wants you to cook for him (+10 for eating your food)

Gg: extremely interested in your work (-10 for asking too many questions)
Bb: extremely interested in his work (+10 for making you a good listener)

Gg: talks about his feelings (-10 because his feelings are never in sync with yours)
Bb: never talks about his feelings (+10 for allowing you to fantasize about how he feels about you)

Gg: brings you roses for no reason (-10 for making you feel guilty)
Bb: never promised you a rose garden (+10 for honesty for accepting gifts)

Gg: always dresses neat and clean (-10 for always wearing geeky jeans)
Bb: doesn't care about clothes (+10 for looking great naked)

Gg: tells stupid jokes (-10 for boredom)
Bb: tells stupid jokes (+10 for making you laugh)

Gg: *bonus points*(+10 for driving a nice car)
Bb: *bonus points* (+250 for being a great kisser)

Gg: *total score* -110
Bb: *total score* +370

Any questions?

Note....this is a mail from one of my best freinds....LOL

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