June 21, 2005

i was tagged by Kaushik...http://phobophobiac.blogspot.com/ and so here I go...

Total Number of books I own:
I haven’t counted till now...4 racks full

Total number of books given to others and never came back:

Total number of books flicked from others:
i never had a chance...coz when i liked a book it was immediately gifted to me

Last Book I bought:
i don’t remember...its long time since i bought a book

Last Book I was gifted:
elsevier journals esp environmental....from the journal offices
a gift parcel containing five reports from the US Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station on Hazardous Waste Management

Last Book I read:
Chemistry and microstructure of solidified waste forms...edited by Roger D. Spence, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Presently I am reading :
"Solid - state chemistry" by N.B. Hannay

Books that mean a lot to me:
The Holy Bible
my sisters personal diary (she is no more)
my college diary...means a lot to me
autograph books (school n college)...makes me nostalgic
note book containing my scribbles

for those who don’t know about me...i don’t have any magazines or novels, geography or history .....no politics or poetry.....all i have is books in chemistry, chemistry, chemistry....

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