July 31, 2005

Bury me in the sky…he said


lovely eyes of the oceans and the heavens
a beautiful crown of blossoms
gleaming alabaster's squashy caress

yet i sizzle like lightning and quiver like thunder

i ache to embrace you; to have you embrace me;.
touch of your delicate skin,
i want to feel your body pressed against my back
and your arms around my neck
i yearn to see you smile
to smell your skin…honey,
blaze of your glorious hair and
feel it against the back of my neck;
hear you whisper endless boundaries of our love.
your soft holding hands,
the comfort of your care.

i dream about being with you always.
i imagine we living on our own clandestine island,
waking up late in each others arms
bathing in a chill fresh water stream,
to lay together in the sun and share expressions of warmth
sharing a lunch of fruit, fish and fresh water clear,
under the stars, napping for a while;
what a life it would be,
just the two of us in love forever.
you will always have my love, eternally.

i've fallen into the gorgeous blue ocean of your eyes,
and i'm sinking in the sea of your precious love.
never let me escape;
you've stolen my heart, honey, and
i never want it back blasting, whirling, soaring, exciting, racing, flying, throbbing
keep me forever…. honey … keep me forever . . .

note: will tell you who this "He" is in the forth coming posts..mebbe

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