July 22, 2005

sprinkiling bliss....

Kishore had this post on his blog
and wanted me to scribble on it...and i did... the scribble follows

are they sprinkling bliss?
beckoning the billows, or
are they showering quixotic trinkets of aspen gold?
punching violent blows of gust across
what are these sparkling faces in myriad that fleet?
fierce shrieks they rose n bashed,
the bashes squealed with the fading current.
the fading current gave a spatter with quiver …
soaring puffs amid. …
loosening through the cracks n crevices
a swift roar…a twang …a sweet throstle
fusion of spatter and sunbeams
made the hues
bridging heaven n earth
waiting for angels to walk down
to take me there
where there is sprinkling bliss….

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