September 18, 2005



Visitra had tagged me sometime back! I've been goin nuts trying to complete this. Oh God its finally over!

Seven things you plan to do before you die!!

1. patch up with all whoom I fought…(hope I meet everyone….)
2. read the Holy Bible with full concentration
3. learn guitar….(itz my dream….)
4. get a paper publised in Nature
5. join the flying club
6. drive my own scorpio black and drive alone round the world
7. complete all the levels in German..i am just level one

Seven things I can do!!

1. spend time in the presence of God…( I am a lil holy too…)
2. be more serious when I am with my students….i am always gigling!
3. talk to strangers at the first go….
4. address any crowd however big no it is…(am I daring ??…)
5. mug up any lesson …however large it is…
6. remember faces n names…I do it if I wanno
7. kiss a prince and turn him into a handsome frog… (I am crazy..)

Seven things I can't do!!!

1. washing vessels n clothes…
2. stop smiling…
3. say yes…when I know itz wrong.
4. tolerating MCPs
5. forgoing my sleep…esp the early morning.
6. cockroches n lizards…awwee
7. no fun n me there ! ;)

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex!!

1. his height (its turns me on……)
2. his atitude…the aura he gives
3. his intelligence …me crazy about intelligent guys
4. his body language…the way he carries himslef is very important for me
5. a good sense of humour…
6. eyes and smile…
7. the way he talks…mebbe the konji konji type…or the manly ones….

Seven things I say most!!

1. so sweet
2. Oh God
3. goin nuts
4. crazy
5. k
6. lets see
7. and finally my blush….

Seven celebrity crushes!!! (I am not really crazy)

1. ShahRukh Khan…from the faugi days
2. Madhavan…from sea hawks
3. Milind Soman…he is…wow
4. Darren Haynes…I like him
5. Mark Wills…of the ‘wish you were here’
6. Vivek Oberoi…he is nice
7. Surya of kakka kakka…he is good

Seven people I want to take this quiz..

I think almost every one is done….who ever wants to .....can do it the second or third time….lol


IHDKGFYB said...

guitar music note read.

As an ear player, I never ever thought that I could ever learn guitar music note read.

The breakthrough insight was in realising that talking rhythm made reading rhythm so much easier.

LBBMBMUQ said...

guitar music note read.

Learning guitar music note read is no trickier than learning 12 street names.

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