November 21, 2005

my dream land......

Tweeting sparrows my sunup alarm
Kukoo chants my daybreak song
Cheery blooms my congregation
Frisky brook… my lure

The heavens seem so near
Sparking gaiety angels bring…
Mystic songs of cheer they sing
Yanking spirits high

Fay acquaints me with fables
Seraphs lull me to siesta
Butterfly fans me with its baffled wings
A gust of magical fragrance rings

No tint missing in the rainbow
Blossoms scrounge hues from them
Chilling cherubs n kisses
Like of ice drops on grass

Colossal trees my refuge
Their branches my sway
Foliage my couch
cidar n claret my sip

Nothing is faze
Nothing is lewd
If you want a clue
There everything is new…..

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