December 15, 2005

a pristine beginning


Prelude: the product here is an effort to understand one’s pain when confirmed of cancer…and how the words “can conquer cancer” would help to over come …

i was quivering in thrusting cold and dampness
heart palpitating
choking convulsive blisters
droplets of tears flowing down
a deep sorrow adorning my face
like the looming storm clouds above

shrills n shrieks loosening into a squeak
fear stricken looks around
melancholy smiting me
wretchedness slaughtering me
those vulnerable moments
innumerous sleepless nights

all i could see was …
gloomy faces of dear ones
those scorching and wincing ….long corridors
the smell of lysol and dettol
those big syringes
and those white robed people

a glint of radiance, a dream of hope
a streak of trust, a beam of light
it was words…words of hope
words that lighted me up
“can conquer cancer”
yanked my spirits high

desiring a new life…i am born again
a flower that blooms today…makes a young boy gay
next day the flower fades away
yet the flower lit for a day …made the young boys day
better than a plant that lives for a year
yet has nothing to share

yesterday is a dream and tomorrow a fancy
but a well lived today makes
every yesterday a dream of gaiety,
and every tomorrow a fancy of white-hope
so let me therefore live well this day
and greet a bright new dawn

let me keep the hope going
keep my lamp burning
keep the light glowing
let me pursue the light
spread the word…lend my hand…and find the way
smiles revived…

The program of cancer awareness “can conquer cancer” is a good effort leading to better values in life. It helps me in a way to understand the pain and share the burden of a suffering patient. A better insight to understand the darker side of life. It has definitely helped me in bringing out my good values. It gives me a purpose to live, to spread the word of hope of living and to light up some ones life. To understand, that ‘someone’ may be my brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, aunty or may be me. This task gives thrust to the duties of an individual towards the society. It leads people to share their thoughts and visions on this great task. This great work is heartily appreciable. I wish the people behind the screen all the best for this great initiative. This effort is going to definitely lead us to a better world to live in….. a world of better values.


psst:...a candle at caught in my canon...

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