January 21, 2006

He n She..


He: Where are you? What are you doing? Wanno talk to you now.

She: I came home just now. Totally drenched like a chicken. Will call you after I change.

He: So you are getting ready for another round of cold fever etc., BTW do you know that there are things called umbrella and rain coats easily available in Chennai

She: What do you think? I did carry an umbrella. The rains were so heavy in spite of having an umbrella I got drenched. I am shivering in cold and you asking me questions?

He: Ok. Change. Will call you in later.

An hour passes … ….

He: still feeling cold?

She: yeah very much…..i am shivering

He: Its late now…sleep honey

She: not feeling like….

He: hold my hands….let me cross fingers with yours… and lull you to sleep

He camouflaged her…crossed his fingers with hers…she slept. He was in the US and she at Chennai.

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