January 15, 2006

He said …..you mean the stars to me…

He Said:

you have thrown a magic charm on me,
i speculate and speculate, oh how could it be?
every day you put a blush on my face.
you make my adrenaline pump and my heart race,
you have magically made me lose my heart,
now I fall head over heels for you

i wonder how you would feel….
you have conquered all my thoughts,
and bash me emotionally in my heart of hearts.
you fill my days with happiness and delight,
you give me a feeling i've never felt before,
you are bewitched…

there’s something in you … i can’t explain,
you are my panacea…
your smile and laughter make me go insane.
my comrade, my joy and my bosom friend,
i hope you know how much you mean to me,
i don't know what else to do to make you see.

you are one of the heartiest things in my world,
i'm so happy you are my friend and i’m yours.
we tell each other anything, there's nothing to hide.
now to be next to you is all i want to do.
there are so many reasons i could go on and on,
sunrise to sunset, dusk till dawn…

psst...he is my friend...a chum...

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