May 05, 2006

the horizon line

It was a beautiful evening of an early summer. They walked up a long flight of wooden stairs, past grass-beds and hanging vines. They came onto place overlooking a beautiful gleaming sea and the horizon behind it, all blue and orange. Aria leaned her crossed forearms on the banister and stared out at the wondrous view.

"Can you see the line between the water and sky," Selvyin said. The water was tranquil, the light was serene, the line of separation so clear.

"Of course," she agreed without moving. He gazed at her until she turned to look back at him.

"It seems an obvious thing to you," he remarked,
"But where I grew up, there weren't any sea. When I see so much water..." he had a sigh.

"Amazes you?" "And pleases me," he added with a pensive smile.

Aria turned back to the sea. "I guess it's hard to hold on to admiration for few things," she admitted.
"But after all these years, I still see the splendor of the horizon. Waves beating upon the shore….again and again…I could stare at them all day, every day."

Selvyin stepped up to the banister beside her, leaning very close.
“Yeah the sea making love to the land…..again and again…”
He closed his eyes and inhaled the moist air around along with her sweet aroma and felt the warmth of her skin.

"When I was in standard 8, we used to come here for school retreat," she tried to distract him.

She pointed out across the way, to another island. "You see that island? We used to swim there every day. I love water."

"I do too. I guess it comes from growing up on a desert planet." He was gazing at her again, his eyes soaking in her. He well understood that she sensed his stare, but she knowingly ignored his looks… and continued to look over the water.

"We used to play on the sand and build sand houses...and try to make them as big as possible" she continued wryly

”Here everything is nice." he finished, aware of the motion, he reached out and stroked her arm.

He nearly pulled back when he realized what he was doing, but since she didn't object, he stayed close to her. She seemed a bit hesitant, a bit nervous, but she didn’t attempt to pull away.

"There was a very old woman who lived on the island," she said pretending to look far away. "She used to make glass out of sand - and bracelets and rings out of that and they were magical."

Selvyin moved a bit closer, staring at her intensely.

"Everything here is magical," he said.

"You could look into the glass and see the water. The way it ripples and moves. It looked real, but it wasn't." she kept going "Sometimes when we believe something to be real, it becomes real."

It seemed to him as if she wanted to look away. But she didn't. Instead she was falling deeper in to his alluring eyes.

"I used to think if you looked too deeply into the glass, you would lose yourself," she said, her voice barely turned into a whisper.

"I think it's true..." He moved close as he spoke, wetting his lips against her’s, and for a moment, she couldn’t resist, closing her eyes, losing herself.

Selvyin pressed closer, a real and deep kiss, sliding his lips across her’s slowly. He could lose himself here, could kiss her for hours, forever...

But then she pulled back, suddenly, as though waking from a dream.
"No, you shouldn't have done that." She uttered friskily.

"I'm sorry…. when I'm around you, my mind is not in control." Selvyin said in a soft voice close in her ears. He stared at her hard again, beginning that descent into the glass, losing himself in her loveliness.

The moment had passed, and she gathered her arms in close and leaned again on the banister, looking out over the water.

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