July 30, 2006

the moons...

many are the moons that have seen me cry
everyone else sees my shallow smile
aches me more when i see the light
i am lost in my way to do anything right
the moments that we spent together
flashes up in mind and my heart falls behind
you haunt me like a ghost making me weary, sad and lost
i feel strangely numb …… tears mask my eyes
i lay there lifeless…. nothing to keep me awake
but so much of me wants to pull back to life
for love is an elixir and you've given me the taste
then you suddenly vanish from this fairytale
and leave me alone in the closet
i wake up from my nothingness
hearing the echo of your comforting voice
seeing the shadow of your attractive face
feeling the illusion of your soft touch
although i feel great pain,
i know that i have a long road to travel to recovery
i feel a sense of peace flowing through my aching body

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