July 05, 2006

what makes life appealing?

What makes life appealing?
Is it the dark blue sky?
Is it the dews on green grass or the blooming red blossoms?
The smell of the fresh ground coffee…??
Or the ground after a rain….
soaring mountains to reach the skies…..
Is it spring time? when every damn thing is new again.
Summer, full of bouncing n pouncing….
Autumn, only oranges n yellows.
Winter, a time for hot cocoa, couch and a good book.

What makes life worth living?
It's not an intricate issue.
The simple things in life.
A gentle gaze, a warm touch, a whisper….
A loving kiss, a comrade hand…
The man who stands by ….
In every phase of life…
So numerous, numerous small, simple things.
Makes life worth living.

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