March 12, 2007

a Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish
Sometimes I ask myself
What did I do to deserve someone like you.
Coz' with your kind hearted, you never leave people all blue.
You have given me so much from the beginning until now;
To me, it seems like committing to a vow.
Though you've given me things that I don't think I earned;
You never ask me for anything in return.

So today is your birthday
I'm giving you this gift
where in your heart forever it will stay.
I appreciate you for the kind of person that you are;
If you look in the sky, to you belong the brightest star.
My Birthday Wish is for you to stay the same and never change;
Coz' with you nothing seems too strange.
On your birthday, I wish that you're really bliss;
Let God Bless You for being the very best.
Now, this is from me to you
Hoping that you have a Happy Birthday.

Dedicated to my best friend

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