May 16, 2007

where the passion-flower grows!!

There is a way in the jungle
A murky way…a thorny way
Difficult, dark and scary
Leading to mystical old banyan tree

A colossal tree.. 100 years old
And in the trunk… there is a cave
Consuming is the creepy cave
I wanna take you there

Holding your hands
A tentative endeavor
As our feelings overflow
It is where the passion-flower grows

Walking down the cave
Never ending wet eerie darkness
Searching for a streak of light
Losing my path with you

Trapped to entwine
To an ecstasy that can be embraced
Finding the climber
In which the passion-flower grows

To feel our mind exploding
In the heavy scented air
To experience the shudder
As we are conquered unaware

Fainting in its fragrance
A little touch of heaven
Where imagination flows
Freezing our dreams to live forever in love

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