August 17, 2007

an evergreen date!

Breathless journey into the jungles
alluring green and brown beauty
I wanna fall into a trance
where there is no clue to break the spell
foliage cracklings stuck to the bare skin
heartbeats soaring to reach the tips.
There beneath tall trees
I would melt, merge, meander
no path, no line
and the gust brushes my hair.
There music in the gushing water
Makes me sizzle n quiver
Finding its way through the curves, cracks n crevices
I thought I knew the path to this green bliss….
but I dunno how I forgot it now?

psst....the photograph shows Madras Christian College, Tambaram early in the morning at 6, path to the pavillion, frozen green in my canon...the words as usual my rants!

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