November 29, 2007

Life Changes

When I was a little girl, some time ago
I had relished simple things
I had played games with friends
We defeated unknown enemies
and peace we did restore
We lined up as soldiers
And marched to and fro
We made a sneak attack
against a hypothetical foe
We roamed in the fields
and rode a imaginary bike
I have picked wild flowers
or chased a butterfly
I had enjoyed the meadow on sunny spring days,
feeling the breeze in my hair
I had flied a kite or watched passing clouds
As they moved in the sky, way up there
Sometimes I built a sand castle
and guarded it till nigh
But its past and so long ago
A time that is now far away
A time I can only recapture in dreams
A time that I crave for each day
Oh how time changes people
No longer is it full of play
Or watching white clouds dance high in the sky,
No longer is it full of play
To watch the birds fly and flock by
For adulthood has got in the way

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