March 23, 2009

Time to Celebrate!

I am excited! If you ask me why? Coz I am getting published!

It was a short story entitled "Love me dear..." submitted in response to a contest announced by Mirage Books in 2008. Now has been published in the book titled ‘Inner Voices’. Released this week, the book can be ordered online from Amazon or Rediff

Inner Voices

This blog happened sometime in November, 2004. I never knew what a "blog" was until then. It was Swati who introduced me to this world of blogging. I started off with reading few blogs and one among them was Dream Vendor & his Coffee and Stories. If I hadn't bumped on to Dream Vendor (now my best friend) I wouldn't have known I would one day write and get published. One very important person who contributed to this blog is Balaji

I have already two poems published with Sulekha Series. This is my first story getting published.

There is something special about this story. Well it was my first attempt to write a story !

I just wanna thank all the folks who continuously kept visiting this space and encouraging me.

My special thanks to Arjun Kariyal for he himself doesn't know, how important his role is, in keeping my spirit up!

Huggzz Dreamvendor he is getting published too!!!

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