March 17, 2013

Rapunzel Rapunzel!

Braids are beautiful,
Braids are awesome,
Braids are in vogue,
Braids are sexy,
Braids can be wild,
Braids are impulsive,
Braids are cool,
Braids are lovely
Braids are classic
Braids are ethnic
Braids can be simple
Braids can be complicated
Braids go with saree or skirts
Braids go with Jeans and T's

Talking about long healthy hair and braids, every girl immediately thinks of Rapunzel! As a child I always wanted the braids of Rapunzel. Who doesn’t want one like that…Well, here is my attempt to write for the Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids Contest! on Indiblogger Sponsored by Dove Split Ends Rescue System

“Sophie! Sophie!” She pulled my braid
Who else could dare touch my hair? It was my sister!
“Hey Suji, why did you pull my hair?” saying this I pulled hers’ back
“Momma, Momma, Sophie is pulling my hair” she ran complaining to my mom
Well, that is what sisters were meant to be…

I had a long disheveled tousle,
Dark wavy locks with cascading her kiss curls.
My mom took good care of my hair.
She washed, oiled, removed the knots and braided them to school.
Well that is what Moms are meant to be... :p

I had two crazy friends in school who loved my braids.
They so loved my braids that they pulled them in opposite directions.
In the evening we braided our hair together and
sat over a wall, singing songs
Well that is what best friends are meant to be..

Those were the carefree childhood days
We flaunted our braids
The bohemian style or the water fall style
Classic twist and pin or the bulky side braid
Well that is what the good old days were meant to be

Days went by, months went by, and years went by
Due to work, several places I had to fly
Climate, pollution, food and nutrition
Took a toll on my hair condition
Dandruff, split-ends and frizzy hair
Oh well! It was not that it was meant to be

Hair became thinner, frizzier day by day,
Hair care product, every corner of the street had one
To treat my hair there was none!
Hair fall and split ends shattered my dream
Off the different styles, I want to beam
Oh well! It was not that it was meant to be

Oh my billowing tresses, come back to me!
My cascading curls, come back to me!
I want to do the braid and waves
Oh hair magician, do you hear my rave
I promise! I promise! I won’t misbehave
Well, that is why Dove Rescue System is meant to be

My childhood braid memories

My dream braids

Thank you Dove for the gift hamper :)

Psst: My dream braid ensemble is designed and made by are from the internet


Ganga Bharani (GB) said...

Nice post :)

Sophie said...

Thank you Ganga :)

Farida Rizwan said...

The dream braids are beautiful.. wish you all best in your quest of getting them

Sophie said...

Thank you Farida :)

Afshan said...

Strangely I used the name Sophie in my post too ;) And saw that u r sophie
liked wat i read
Good luck

Sophie said...

Thank you Afshan I did read your post :)

vaisakhi said...

i so wanna try those "dream hairstyles"...nice write up...:)

Sophie said...

thank you vaisakhi

Shruti Chaturvedi said...

I loved the play of words with your hair tales :)
All the best!

Sophie said...

Thank you Shruti :)

Anna Morita said...

love this

FUE Hair Transplantation UK said...

Interesting blog :-) Really A good read :-)

Sophie said...

Thank you Anna