December 08, 2012

Nancy and Aaliyah

Very recently in a far away land
beyond some hills, lakes and forests expand

There was a girl; her name was Nancy
Curly was her tousle; straight hair her fancy

Nancy had chubby cheeks, big tooth and round eyes
Quiet popular in school because she wore braces and glasses

She disliked her disheveled blond unruly locks
because silky and straight, were the talks

Nancy had a best friend: her name was Aaliyah
Aaliyah had many crazy ideas!

Aaliyah and Nancy planned a girl’s day out
to put their ideas into action; no one would doubt

The girls sat down and listed the ideas one by one
Promised they wouldn't rest, until it’s done

Aaliyah went out in the garden and picked small stones
she tied them to the strand’s end, one by one

Like they hang the long snake-gourds with weights
so they are free of curls and grow straight

They waited few hours
The idea didn't work like a super power

Aaliyah sprinkled iron dust on the Nancy’s hair
they had some magnets and stuck them everywhere

They waited few hours: No result so they went on to the third
Aaliyah glued Nancy’s hair and stuck them to a cardboard

They kneeled down prayed and wished upon the star
then went to bed after they ate their fruit bar

Early morning they woke up excited
they saw Nancy’s tousle straight stiff and got delighted

The cardboard stuck hard to Nancy’s hair
they took a scissor and cut vertically along without despair

So this the story of two best friends Nancy and Aaliyah
and how crazy they were with their straight hair idea

This post was written for "Straight Hair Experiment" Contest sponsored by Sunsilk and Indiblogger


mkris said...

magnets and iron ! whoa .. what an idea Sir ji !!! :) :)

ashok said...

nice read sofy.
pls join

Anonymous said...

hey sophie, flipside here. merry christmas! (in advance)

Defiant Princess said...

Brilliant poetry and hair straightening ideas sophie :)

Your newest follower on the blog.

Defiant Princess

Sophie said...

@mkris...:) thank you....

@ashok... thank you thats for poets ...aint it?

@Flipside..hey how are you? where are you?

@Defiant Princess....Thank you...welcome to my blog

bemoneyaware said...

Nicely written. What would we do without Friends

Ranjith said...

Good ideas and a wonderful poem!