April 23, 2013

What my hairstyle says

My hair talks to me everyday. It mostly complained that I never took care. I travel a lot and forget to nourish and pamper my hair. Every time I am back home my hair needed a rehab. Dad gives me a head massage with a hair spa. Then my hair looks all awesome and beautiful. I love the way my hair is naturally wavy, curly and twisted. I love it when my hairstyle matched my mood. I've compiled a humorous little list of what message my hair conveys on a given day.

What my hairstyle says:

All down with well set defined curls:
This took a long time and costed me some money so, I must be going somewhere where I want to look good.

Loose, messy braid:
I am going to sleep, so my hair should all be staying tied up

French braid:
There is lot of work so I cant be combing my hair in between.

Tight ballerina bun:
I am going on some serious official business.

Messy bun:
It is a hot day, I am not able to tolerate my hair touching my neck.

The kiss curls have just started growing, I should keep them tucked in.

I am going jogging-sporty sporty feelin'.

Wet n curly look:
I am going out with friends

Fish tail braid:
I have oiled my hair and it's so convenient.

Wet and let down to air-dry with jasmine flowers:
I must be wearing a saree and going for a marriage.

Side ponytail:
In the party mood or mebbe I have planned to sweep some guy off his feet ;)

All down & straight:
Ironed it because it was too messy.

Hair flying in all possible directions:
I forgot the hairpins

Frizzy and messy :
I m having a bad hair day and a bad mood day

None of the hairstyles look good :
I haven't washed my hair for the past 2-3 days :(. Its all sticky sticky

I used to live in the US sometime back and I have a very good experience with TRESemmé ! My hair used to be all silky and shiny. When I came back to India, I was a little disappointed to see that TRESemmé was not here anywhere! Now that it is available my hair smiles.

Always remember to wear a smile, carry an attitude, look confident to rock the ramp :). Here are some of my favorite ramp ready hairstyles...

This post in written for TRESemme India in association with Indiblogger.


Anonymous said...

well.. it was very nice read ... so much .. they say when they are long and on a guy's head .. he feels whatever you are saying .. can relate to the humour !! :)
Yes I hve long hair and no preference issues :) just tht our country is still unwilling to accept men with long hair although all our Hindu Gods had long curly hair style ... :)
first time on your blog loved this post !! :)Happy Blogging

Sophie said...

and Jesus had long hair too...
my uncles had long hair when they were young...perfectly sexy n cool :)
thank you for dropping by :) you are too good with your cartoons

Hair Transplant UK Clinic said...

Nice blog post :-) great read :-)

Radha Krishnakumar said...

Hey Really awesome post dear..
This is Radha from Chennai :)