June 05, 2013

Adam and Eve WeChat Love Story

Part 1

God: Man! he is made! I m tired. It’s already 6th day

Adam: (Calls God) Tring ! Tring ! Anyone home? Am I alone? Nooo! I can’t live alone. I need a companion. God please please… I need a companion

God: (God answers the WeChat call) Ok let me make another man

Adam: Oh no God! Make a companion who is not like me! Please Lord make a beautiful, wise, joyous, strong, lovely etc., woman

God: Nothing comes free Bro! If you ready to sacrifice your limb, I will make you a woman?

Adam: If I give away my limb, I would be limping God. She will not like me :(

God: Okie… Okie Lets settle this deal for a rib

**God does a magic and Adam goes to a trance. God takes his magic wand and then one rib disappears from Adams body and a beautiful Eve appears

Adam(waking up from the trance): Where is my partner? Where is my partner?

God: Have patience man! I am adding her to the group chat on WeChat

Eve: Hiii guys …

Adam: God please, I want to see her. Lets video chat??

God: As you wish! Let’s get the video chat on

Adam: Oh my God She is gorgeous, beautiful , hot, sexy …. God you cheated me. I would have given few more ribs.

God: Greedy Adam, now shut the F**k up and be happy with the Eve you got :/. Or I am going to change her to Steve

Adam: Oh no I am sorry Lord. Please intro me to Eve!

God: Good ok. Hey Eve whats up? How are you? Are you already busy with the Jabong and Flipkart? I have someone here, a friend for you. His name is Adam. A nice chap though he might be a bit silly sometimes.

Eve: Oh nice. Just give me a moment Lord. I will be right back

**Eve opens her makeup kit that just landed from Jabong. She puts on some makeup for face, eyes, lips, nails & more. Well God and Adam keep waiting for Even for more than an hour..

Eve: Oh I m sorry. I just misplaced my car keys, I was searching for them. Well, Hi Adam! How are you?

Adam: Hey Eve! I am fine Thank you….how about you? Do you need help to search your car keys

Eve: I am fine, Thank you. I have the duplicate car keys

Adam: I should tell you something. You are very pretty

Eve: Ohh is it! I was thinking I am looking shabby. I have been sleeping and I just woke up. I haven’t even washed my face

Adam: No sweet heart you are absolutely gorgeous

God(exits WeChat. Adam and Even don’t even notice that God has left the chat!)

Thus the beginning of a new love story on WeChat ….

Part 2

Adam and Eve have been dating for a while and one day Adam decides to introduce Eve to his worldly parents

**Adam adds Adam’s Dad and Mom to a group chat between God, him and Eve

Adam: Mom and Dad, I want to introduce Eve to you...

Adam’s Dad: Is this the girl responsible for your high phone bills? Are you in love with her Son! What caste she is? What is her religion? Who are her parents? We don’t agree to this!

Adam’s Mom: Yes Son! Your dad is right.

Adam: Oh Dad! I just got introduced to her

Adam’s Dad: Who is that Idiot who introduced you to her! I will kill him for spoiling my son

Adam: Oh Dad please stop all this drama. I am just getting to know her

Eve: Oh Adam I hate your family. Get lost! I don’t want to see your face again. I'd rather make friends with Aalladin or Sindbad instead

**Eve disconnects and leaves the chat

Adam(pissed off): Oh Dad you don’t know she works for this big IT company earns 3L a month. She is beautiful. Her dad is a crorepathi.

Adam's Mom:Oh Son, you should have told this to us first. I will give your permission. Your dad’s will not say a word against me. Go make friends, love her, get married.

Adam: God! God! Where are you? I need to persuade Eve! Please help me!

God: WTH!
Lets get the Chemistry back...Lets do WeChat

This post has been written for the Indiblogger Contest for WeChat

Disclaimer: This post is all from my own imagination. This is my own cooked up love story. Inspired from one of my old blog posts Honey, If God blew the women away

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