November 05, 2013

Noble Homestay - An aweful place to stay in Port Blair

As I plan my travel to Andaman with a group of my project mates, friends and friends of friends, I start looking at the various options available for staying at Port Blair and other Islands. I usually count on tripadivsor which always have true reviews. As I was reading, I came across this place called Noble Homestay owned by Mrs Noble. To my surprise this place did not have even one negative review. Even bestest places in the world like, Maia Luxury Resort & Spa, Seychelles and Romazzino Hotel, Italy have negative reviews.

Since Noble homestay didn't have even one negative review, I became curious to meet this Mother Teresa oopps sorry Mrs Noble.I wrote a mail to her regarding my travel plan to Andaman, asking if she has free rooms during the time of my visit. She replied to me on the immediately that she has no bookings. She wanted an booking advance of Rs. 2000/- a month before my visit for which I agreed.

Since I work for the Government of India, and have several projects, my travel plan also became kinda unsure. So I wrote back to Mrs. Noble to cancel our request and go on with her business and need not wait for us

Four of us finally managed to make it for the trip and landed there at Port Blair and two of us had government accommodation. Two Photographers guys needed a place to stay, and we decided to call Noble, if she had vacancy. We called her on her mobile we got to know that all her rooms were vacant. We landed at her place to check out the place

Her place was in a dirty street, far away from the jetty, with lot of stray dogs. The place was stenchy. The rooms like dungeons with no way for light or fresh air! She had dirty old linens and to my surprise I saw a big hunstman spider (palm size) on the floor near the cot. When I mentioned about the spider to her she started showing her original colors

Mrs. Dinaz made really sarcastic and rude remarks to us, when I asked about the spiders in her house.

The big problem with this homestray (yes it is a homestray not a homestay and I mean it) was the complete lack of respect and rudeness shown by the Mrs.Noble. In my 5 years of vacation and business travel, I have never experienced such a rude lady, who is pathetically depressing! Just because she desperately wants business in her property, she doesn't want to be reviewed with any negative comments on Tripadvisor. I post my real experience, with the negatives about her home stray, she pulled it down every time. So I m not going to waste my time writing about that place on tripadvisor

Any one can take a look at her pathetic replies in the following pictures! Our photographers did stay in her place for two days, during our return journey, we got to know the inner scoop of Noble (not so noble) stray!

“To call this a ‘fleabag’ homestay would be an unconscionable insult to both fleas and bags.


Anonymous said...

It is the worst place in Andaman. That woman is a rude old lady. She doesnt allow people to write negative reviews. She takes all the negative reviews down.
never would go back there again
stay away from that lady and her place

Paul Mark said...

Andaman is a Awesome place for Tour and you can enjoy your beautiful life their.


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Prakriti T said...

Port Blair is always a Tourist Attraction Point.......!!!
Thanks to Share...!!!

dimpy roy said...

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Dr. Anindita Sen said...

We too had a similar experience. Rude is an understatement.