February 23, 2005

my treasure hunt.......

Anna and Lovee ……. basis for this post…….

who doesn’t like kids…….they are always beautiful……seeing Anna’s and Lovee’s lil pics I thought of digging out mine and scanning…….in the process of digging mine …….I got a lot of treasure….yes…..i would definitely call them treasure……one of them is here……..
My friend and UG class mate Karpagavalli …..she was my best friend in class…….i always admired her……she was very short……but her hair very long and thick……upto her knee……
Both of us shared every lil thing……she lived in a joint family……her dad and all his brothers (younger) family together……there was one lil gal by name Gayathri (her dad’s youngest brothers daughter (She was in her 2th std then) …..from the mouth of Karpagavalli I had heard a lot about Gayathri…..
Lemme comeback……..so the treasure is Gayathri’s letters to me…….
I would have scanned the letter if I had a scanner at home…..i don’t have one ……….so me typing exactly what was in the letter……I would definitely scan the letter when I get a chance…..
………..the letters are written a two line note book paper

Treasure - 1

Dear Sophia

Thank you for giving me chocolate. It is very sweet, beautiful. I always ask about you and I love your family and you are very nice and beautiful. Do you love me? I love you very much, who is your best friend in your class? My friend is parveen. It was so sad on teacher’s day. I heard that you felt like crying because you father came late. Don’t worry next time your father will come soon. And you must write letter to me. You must definitely come on Friday. I and Karpagavalli will be waiting for you in the station if you don’t come I wont talk with you. Be happy in your life your handwriting is very nice but see my handwriting its very ugly on 9th you must eat in my house not in Karpagam’s house
My sign is nice or not
I like this sign very much

Yours lovingly
K. Gayathri Devi
(her signature) its cute Gayathri

Treasure 2

Dear Sophia

I am fine and I hope you are also fine. Thank you for sending me greetings. Its very nice. Karpagam told that you are keeping my letter safe. Thank you very much. Convey my regards to your parents and Suji (my younger sister- she is no more). I want Suji’s photo on Tuesday. If your mother says that she wont give don’t compel her. Every day Karpagam will be talking about you. You are very nice. I heard that your sister is so quiet but not like me. I will always stand before the mirror. In my school I am the pet for all teachers. My father is very good. He will always be in the prayer room. I love Jesus. I will go to church with my neighbor rarely. I like your hand writing very much. Do you know Arvind (Gayathri’s brother)?I think you know my silli brother ? Be safe when you burst crackers for diwali. I bought dress, earing and bindi. In my opacket I had 20 rupees money its all over. How means Rs. 1 bindi and 6 Rs earing and chocolates. Wish you all happy diwali. My father told me that if I don’t study well he will send me to village and buy some pigs and give for me

Yours lovingly
K. Gayathri Devi
(her signature)

isn’t it real treasure……..

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