May 01, 2005



' because after all it is not hammer which shreds the huge boulder to pieces, it is the strength in the hands holding the hammer!'

Quite true, and I am sure there is really nobody amongst us who would want to be foolhardy enough to actually stand up and argue against this point. And equally proven over the generations is the fact that behind every successful man stands a woman.

Though for decades now, the males have been playing a dominating role on the basis of their physical prowess, it has lately been concluded that male powers physically or otherwise have been constantly fanned by the female tenacity.

Researches have proven that emotionally the female species has no competition. They have the endurance of a thousand elephants put together when it comes to battling emotional wars. And medically proven stands the fact that a strong body is a byproduct of a sound mind.

Or lets face facts, which both sexes equally agree to: a harmonious surrounding is definitely conducive to a really healthy constitution. And if males boast of having a better physical constitution of the two constituting a pair, isn't it because women are world over renowned for being the best homemakers!

So maybe the next time someone wants to contemplate a macho display of brawn, they might want to reconsider their move!

Note: this message reached me as an email forward...and i found this good...wanted to share it with everybody...

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