December 26, 2005

Taking a stroll down memory lane

In the darkest of the darkest hour
In depths of despair
His hands with me
His light leading me
His counsel guiding me…
His Grace was so Great….that my problems were very small…

Received my doctorate degree this year from His Highness Governor of Tamil Nadu, …
A memorable event at Centenary building, University of Madras
To be the youngest Dr. in the whole of MCC
College poll: Voted to be the best and most popular in college…thanks to my students
I also had to hear the death my uncle’s son’s son…of a tender bud…..
a five and half year old…may his soul rest in peace…

Lostsa new friends…as students, colleagues and bloggers
A breath of fresh air …some turned intimates
No old friends lost…
My first trip in air was this year
My first travel alone was also this year
Lotsa new, exciting and passionate experiences…


There were breakups
There were making ups
Konjam kadalai, konjam romance,
Lotsa partying and lotsa fun
Happenings that kept my pulse racing…sometimes driven wild too
The year went fast…leaving happy memories

It was my joy in life this year
To find at every turning of the road
Strong arms of comrade kind to help me onward with my load
And since I have no gold to give
Love only must make amends
My only prayer is, while I live God make me worthy of all blessings

I am happy for this year
I had something to do,
Something to love, and
Something to hope for…
I wish that the forth coming year
Would also have lotsa thanks giving, happy memories to recall…

psst...dont forget to whish sheky @ on his b'day i.e. tomorow...27.12.2005...
lets party sheky....

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