February 14, 2006

Love... a reason to love...

Love generously, love intensely, love wholly.
Love yourself the way
you've always wanted to be loved,
and love everybody in the same way.

Love with the whole heart, love frequently, love equally...
Find love for those who never showed you any love
they need it the most of all.

Give love
Don’t except to get some back!!

Love all that this world has to offer
The sky, the stars, the moon, the people, animals, birds, insects,trees, shrubs, lakes, rivers and the oceans.
Love something, anything and everything with a passion!

Love something that is powerful than yourself
Call it Almighty, Call it God, Call it Nature,
Call it Divine, Call it Holy, Call it the Beginning

Call it Love....

Let Love be for a reason...
Let the reason be Love...

with Love...

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