February 15, 2006


God in Heaven told a 9-month child: You are going to be born on earth tomorrow
Child: Cried and said how will go alone to the earth
God: I have sent an angel to earth…she will take you there
Child: I don’t know any body there…
God: The angel will introduce you
Child: I don’t know how to walk
God: She will teach you
Child: I don’t how to talk
God: The angel will teach u
Child: If I face danger…
God: She will protect you
Child: If I have sorrow
God: She will pray for you
Child: What all will she do for me…
God: She will feed you, she will teach you good words…she will teach you to pray…
Child: Who is she God?
God: She is your MOTHER

--written based on an sms that I recieved

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