February 09, 2006

tagged....for fives...

I had a long pending tag from http://iceyez.blogspot.com/2005/12/fivez-of-iceyez.html
and recently one from http://jacpaulus.blogspot.com/2006/02/tagged.html

So here I go zoom….fives of sophie

10 Years ago:

A payanthangoli gal / darpok, oiled hair neatly plated, scared of every damn thing on earth.

5 Years Back:

at MCC…still lil payanthangoli… loads of fun…lotsa guys…lotsa gals…lotsa gifts…lotsa roses…
lotsa padips, lotsa peter,
konjam kadalai, konjam romance, konjam brk ups, konjam make ups
konjam reel, konjam unmai, konjam flirting, konjam freaking….

Last Year:

2005. back again in MCC after a break…last time as student, this time as prof….not much of difference…freaking continues…


My student said “mam will you pair up with me..” me shocked my head spinning..
he paused for 10 sec…and said “for dance”… a sigh of relief…

5 yummy things:

aqua fina thats mineral water when I am real thirsty...
bread n butter when I am real hungry...
a hot cuppa coffee when I am real tired...
a hot pepper rasam when I am havin cold..
sugar when I bite a chilly! :-)

5 things I know by heart:

Psalm 23
my daily words of prayer
Words that my sissy spoke in her death bed
Words that my class teacher spoke on our farewell party in the 10th std
Words that I last spoke to my crush before we broke

5 things I’d do if I had a lot more money

buy a castle on the hill top
own a Benz
a sea view apartment for holidays
drive cross country
make a garden with all flowers

5 places I escape to:

My mom’s lap
My dads hug
My guys kiss
My friend’s bosom

5 things I’d never wear:

anklets…they prick my legs
neclace…they prick my neck
earings…they prick my ears
bangles…they prick my hand
make up, face creams, powders etc… I am good the way I look

5 favourite TV shows

scooby dooby doo…
nonstop nonsence
star trek (long long ago…)
sea hawks (was crazy abt madhavan from those days)
faugi (sharuk…wow..those good old days)

I don’t watch television now….

5 things I enjoy doing

a midnight walk with friends in the forest (as we do in MCC now-a-days)
a sea shore walk with a dear one early in the morning (never gotta chance)
getting drenched and dancing in the rain…(loved it…)
screaming to the maxim…(u see cracks in the building I would have screamed)
lying down in the terrace watching the starry sky…(solitude…and sky…works out good try it…sure you too will enjoy it)

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