February 05, 2006

Visited by an angel.....

It’s my habit
To wish friends Good Night
I say it like this
Good Night, Sweet Dreams with Angel Kisses

It was last night
Someone far yet close
Wished me back
The same way I wished him Good Night

It’s far from clear
Its just last night
I don’t remember
And thin fair lad

I saw him in my dream
Delusion or reality
I still speculate
Truth in the reverie

He was not brawny
Nor was he striking
He was a simple chap
But carried a charm

He didn’t have wings
Nor was there a halo
He was a human
Gracious and naïve

He kissed me on my left cheek
He kissed me on the right
He kissed me on my forehead
And lulled me to sleep

Angels and fairies
I thought where feminine
But last night
I realized it could be a guy

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