March 20, 2006

lavenders on wood....

It’s no surprise that I'm shrill
Forlorn and baffled
I tramped alone
Enshrouded in melancholy
Unable to see through the haze
One morning….
I walked down a lonely path
Following a broken shadow
To a land where a clever is daft and a foolish is wise.
A land that makes one vulnerable
Upon a single view to hate and self pretence
People will tell you there is no defense
The journey was long
Tiresome and weird
At the end of the day I reached the woods
It was pitch dark around
Even my shadow had abandoned me
I sat down on a dry wood with a heavy sigh
As though caught in a spell
I fell into trance
And saw those lavenders on wood
It was morning again

psst...a flower on a thorny climber over a neem tree my garden...

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