March 23, 2006

who am i??

I am that…
Never ending sky
Burning in the evening; glazing in the morns
Flickering jewelry adorn my body all night

I am that…
Malachite pastures that spread over mead
With icy dew drops clinching onto my skin
Crowned with tweety flowers crimson and yellow

I am that…
White haze that spreads in the morning
That pricks and pierces sanity
The zephyr that blows the in out

I am that…
Naïve smile of a new bud
The tender kiss and love
Squashy cuddles that chases blues

I am that…
Song of a kukoo
Invisible to the eyes
Cranking sweet melodies dawn to dusk

I am that…
Knife at the edge of a new leaf
Splitting hearts asunder
Leading wilderness at yonder

I am that….
Scary dark night
When owls hoot and dogs howl
Threatening ghost and demons

I am that…
Blazing pyre and pinions of passion
Rampant anger and catastrophic disaster
That immortal lust in endless making

I am that…
Tide that over takes,
Sweeping and crashing
Making a new person …

psst...just random thoughts....the pic i drew with my mouse on MS Paint and did a touch up with Corel

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