April 26, 2006

let it be forever...

Sweet siesta on his lap, pleasant delusion of gentle kisses;
Leisurely waking up to find the dream has come true.
My lips curving upward washing a soft smile into a blush,
My eyes flashing in ecstasy

As the first rays of daylight torrents through the haze;
I looked at his appealing face….
He sat by my bed side and said
I love the way you look when you’ve fallen asleep with your head in my lap...

He held my hands… stared into my eyes,
Kissed my hand then put it over his heart
Squashy cuddles of skin, cheek to cheek,
His lips brushing softly;

He brushed my hair out of my face
Clinching him on so tight, my breath taken away, head spinning.
It’s only been a few minutes;
let it be forever …..love like this ….let it be forever

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