April 05, 2006


What is this for?” she asked pensively at the bouquet I got for her. Needless question from a woman who has always carried me through the trials of life. She is the mother who worked all day and dealt with sleeplessness at night while I worked my way through graduate school. This is the mother that sat by my bedside and fought back in prayers her tears as I endured an agonizing year of endoscopies. This is the woman who carefully budgeted our income to allow us to afford our new home. Today the sunshines, but dark clouds may come again. I don’t know what the future will bring, but I do know that my love for her has grown and I never have to question her love for me.

And she wonders what the flowers are for.

Psst..an ode to my mom...muse was an email that i recieved

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