April 08, 2006

roses n tears...

those warm nights
cold gusty mornings
you touched my cheek you awoke in me
the feelings i never felt.
you made my body quiver from your touch
your looks so strong, your touch so incisive
your voice so manly and lips so tender.
and your kisses took me to the stars in the night sky
so mystical….
you longed to hold and feel every inch of me
and to sense my very depths.
your manhood ached for more, never ending,
i stroked your chest pushing you back
while my heart wanted to explore more of you.
so snug and warm in each others arms.
but now it pains at the heart
when i saw you let me go
the sorrow like a ball rolls between
my neck and my chest
i am not able to swallow nor spit
it presses me hard
and chokes my breath
you gave me roses and tears..
yet i still will smile with contentment knowing
i and only i could make you pleased.

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