June 11, 2006

the reverie rose

I had come to the edge of the cliff
I couldn’t see further….i was afraid
A ravine further
The green forest, blue sky, the sea the horizon view
No I couldn’t….i would fall
It was the end…..he pushed me….but ….I flew….
He took me on his wings….
Snow white they were…...i held on to him tight
He soared me to the heavens …… we painted the skies
On the horizon…. we drew a line
Crossed countries… crossed barriers
And slowly then the dusk came in
He took me to a riverside
I played in the water, till it was nigh
He sat on a stone and watch me play
In the moonlight…..beside the river
Under those colossal trees
We had cider n honey
He gave me a nuzzle…...and rubbed my hair back
He gazed at my honey dripping lips
and covered mine with his
made sweet love to me that nigh
Just before dawn…he gave me a red rose
And said “I Love You Dear”
Seduced in love I went into a deep slumber
I woke up …..I saw …….I was in my room
Puzzled ….. I thought it was a dream
I stretched my arms and turned to my left
Something pricked me on my cheek
I got up from my bed to see what it was
And it’s was that red rose
Years have passed….. the rose stays fresh

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