June 06, 2006

peppermint n honey

She was frail, her face pale and her lips dry…..it was more than a week that she lay in bed. He touched her hand and she batted it away. He could see her sweaty forehead before she covered her face into the blanket and rolled to the other side showing her back to him. He gently touched her shoulder and called “Aria”.

She mumbled something, acknowledging that she could hear him. She was but half asleep. He saw the medicines lay there by her bedside, the same way he left them in the morning. Some cat had spilt the milk from the cup and drunk more than half of it.

“Aria, u have to drink this syrup to heal” Selvyn said.

She didn’t like that peppermint honey smelling mixture. “I hate that smell” she said turning to him

“I am glad that your nose is cleared” Selvyn smiled

“This will heal your fever. Drink this” He lied down next to her on one arm….while in another he the held the syrup.

She twisted her head off and turned away to the other side. He sat up next to her. He pulled her to a sitting position with his free arm. She couldn’t sit on her own. He let her rest against his chest.

She tried to speak, to tell him not to force her, but before the words could slip from her tongue the warm edge of the cup touched her lips and the fluid leaked into her dry mouth. She shook her head vigorously and he pulled the drink from her.
“I do not want it ….leave me alone.” She yelled in a frail voice
“No,” it was all that came from him, however it was firm. He raised the cup to her again, but she refused and turned aside.

His tightened his hold and his hand reached the back of her neck, holding her head upright. The cup tipped, pouring the concoction into her mouth and he had to remove it once as she spat some of the mixture from her lips and it drenched her blankets.

“You leave me no choice,” he was tough,
but this time before she could spit off the liquid, he covered her lips with his. She struggled to free herself from his grasp, but in her weakened state it was to no avail. She swallowed, and it was only then that Selvyn removed his lips.

She frowned at him and wished to speak, but the cup was at her lips again. But before she knew it, so were his. He repeated this action until the cup had been emptied of its contents, mercilessly forcing the drink into her body.

“How dare you,” she tried to growl or snap at him, but it only came out as a worn out whisper. He placed her head back onto her pillow and pulled the blankets tightly around her chest.

“Sleep well,” he said.

psst...inspired by a mail

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