January 07, 2008

Looking Back Down the Lane...

I feared to stand on my legs until mom held me and taught me to walk
I feared to go to school until I got a friend
I feared friendship until I knew it was true
I feared sharing until I knew I don’t loose anything but rather gain
I feared darkness until I learnt it was just the absence of light
I feared being alone until I started to love myself
I feared to look at myself until I discovered I was gorgeous
I feared disappointment until I learnt not to expect
I feared confusion until I discovered there is always clarity after it
I feared challenges until I found that it leads to my growth
I feared competition until I understood that I am the best
I feared victory until I knew the way to capture it again
I feared failure until I learnt to believe in myself
I feared the past until I learnt to derive lessons from them
I feared future until I discovered that every new day is the threshold of beautiful surprises
I feared back talks until I understood that anyways I can’t stop it
I feared truth until I realized the malice in lies
I feared refusal until I understood it pushes me to prove
I feared happiness until I knew it started from within
I feared hurt until I knew life is not a bed of roses
I feared life until I learnt that it is beautiful
I feared death until I realized it is not the end but beginning
I feared destiny until I found out I have tremendous power to change my life
I feared hatred until I discovered it was due to ignorance
I feared love until I got ‘Him’
I feared ridicule until I learnt to giggle at myself
I feared getting old until I discovered I’m becoming sensible each day
I feared change, until I learnt that it is metamorphosis that changes an ugly cocoon into a beautiful butterfly

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