December 11, 2008

Santa's Sent A Letter!!!

Hi folks, this is Santa Claus here,
Writing a note for Christmas this year

Christmas is a beautiful day
A feeling of giving - makes it that way

A time for gladness
Goodwill with the masses

The message of God’s love
To spread the good cheer – we owe

My elves are busy making toys,
I will give only to good girls and boys

If you want me to bring these great gifts to you,
there are a few simple things you need to do

Listen to your parents and do what they want you to do.
Be kind to your friends; share your toys with them too.

Share your cookies and cakes
With all the poor children as mummy bakes

Clean up your room, put all rubbish away,
to make room for new gifts you'll receive on Christmas day

I foresee the stockings over flowing
And the fireplace is brightly glowing

I will I come to your house
As quiet as a mouse

You will be thinking “Would Santa Claus come again this year?”
For the bells on my sleigh, you would never hear

Don't dream of sugarplums on Christmas night;
You are too busy wondering what your presents would be like

Try to sleep through the night until Christmas day
Then you can see what I brought in my sleigh

I hope you'll be good, At least I hope that you'll try,
so until Christmas Eve, I must say good-bye….

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