November 06, 2008

A Romantic Rhapsody

It needs one to sing
But it needs two to tango!

He says:
your smile: the cutest thing
your presence: angelic
your eyes: the sharpest weapon, cutting deep
your whispers: tenderly sensuous
your talks: the spiciest
your giggle: melody
your soft cries and muffled words: romantic Mozart
your lips: raspberry dipped in honey
your touch: the rose petal feel
your looks: naughty
your kiss: cant stop with one
your hair: a tussle of clustered softness
your fingers: to lock with mine
your mood: unpredictable

She replies:
your smile: an invitation
you look into my eyes: I feel shy and cover my face
your face: fills my dreams
your voice: gives me an adrenalin rush
your presence: makes me a carefree spirit
you touch: I shiver
you hold: my heart races
you nuzzle: a turn on
you kiss: I am intoxicated
you hug: a romantic ecstasy
your warmth: a mystery
your embrace: meets my every desire
your caresses: a passionate rollercoaster ride
you entwine: I’m locked
your making love: a romantic explosion

He and She: A Romantic Rhapsody

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