February 24, 2010


The first time that I saw Carole, was at a crossing. I was on one side and she on the other side. I couldn’t resist taking out my mobile a clicking a picture of her. I have never done this before. I felt crazy. That girl sure had something. I extracted the picture on to my PC to see a larger version of the same. I wasn’t in love with her until I saw her piercing eyes and innocent smile. She didn’t have any make up on. She was uniquely gorgeous! She appeared and disappeared in a flash.

The second time I saw her was a pleasant accident on a Friday evening, at a pub after a month or so. She was sitting at a table with three other ladies. Her beauty was beyond description. The long black tousle framed her cherubic face. Her deep brown eyes were sparkling with excitement. In fact, she was so gorgeous that I dared not approach her. I just watched her from a distance.

"How could an average looking guy as myself approach a woman like her?" I sat terrified in the corner. She was animated when she talked. I could almost include myself into the conversation just by watching her hand motions. She was so alive. Her beauty was pulling me, tugging at me to talk to her.

I slowly stood up from my half eaten sandwich, and half drunk beer to talk to her, but fear grabbed me and sat down again. Looking down at myself, I knew that I had nothing to be ashamed off. I was looking ok in a branded T-shirt and jean. Yet, the trouble was that, I was just average.

I could feel the natural romantic urges taking over my body and knew that I should better get out of the room. Looking around, I realized that there was no other door except the one beside her. I had to find a way to relax. I needed something to distract myself. I found nothing other than her distracting me.
I had to force myself to walk beside her. I would have taken two steps, before I realize what, I was on the floor, my face down. I had slipped and was right at her feet.
“WTH” I said to myself
"Are you all right?" she asked.
As the waiters tried to help me to my feet, I shrugged them off. Standing to my feet, I was okay. I made direct eye contact with her.
"Thank you ...uh.." I paused
"Carole, my name is Carole Joseph," she volunteered.
"Thank you Carole."
She grinned.
“You ok?”
“Oh yeah fine, I m ok” I blurted
"I am glad you are fine."
Suddenly, the manager appeared in the scene from nowhere and escorted me to the hotel's doctor's office. After a quick examination, they gave me an examination report and refunded my bill. As soon as I got out, I looked for Carole. She was no longer in the pub. My heart dropped to my stomach. There were no signs of her. I just wished that I would see her again.

About four months had passed. I had almost forgotten her…
One cold winter evening I was sitting on the shores of Juhu beach
"Hello Stranger, " some familiar female voice I heard from behind.
"Hello," I responded turning back.
To my surprise, it was her. ‘Miracle” that day, I believed. I felt something click between us. It was like we were old friends that had not seen each other in years. Both of us were blushing.
"I knew, I would meet you again," she said with a slight grin. I knew at that point that she felt the same connection. I smiled back a grateful smile.
It no longer mattered where she was. Miles across the oceans was immaterial to me. I decided she was the one, my soul mate.
"Would you like to go on a walk? I love to walk along the beach during a sunset." She asked me
Until then, I didn’t notice that the sun had started to sink into the sea. The huge fireball was cuddling with some distant wave. This moment of conflict between day and night, the sun and sky was the most magnificent sight.
"Oh that would be great, " I answered.
We walked and talked along the beach. Conversation was easy and comfortable with her. Our talks seemed to compliment each other like the color of the sky complimented the sea. The more that we walked, the fewer people we saw on the beach. We might have walked long, suddenly I realized we had the beach to ourselves. No people in sight.
I found myself staring at the horizon. The bit of the sun that was still showing was creating a myriad of colors on the horizon. It was a beautiful sight that stirred emotions deep inside of me. As I blended with the scene, I felt Carole’s hand slip into mine. I saw that she too was watching nature reveal her most beautiful treasure, the sunset at sea. She made that day, the sunset so beautiful for me

I knew that a gorgeous sunrise wasn’t far away…..

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