March 07, 2010

Who is She?

I look at her, every time
she throws a whimsical charm
her capricious ash-brown hazel orbs,
never fails to make my heart throb

and a face that's
half naked
between her
disheveled tousle

dark and wavy her locks
cascading her kiss curls
streaks of auburn in between
alluringly extra special

naughty-naughty her looks
baffling her gazes
mischievous her deeds
impish her actions

she stares like a child
that just lost a balloon,
with pouted lips,
trying to smile

magnetic that smile
takes me an extra mile
raspberry those lips,
her talks like wafers crisp

soft and shiny her skin
makes me go insane
squashy caresses her touch
she takes my heart in a pouch

the attitude she shows
my spirit and heaven, it blows
who is this gorgeous girl? I wonder
and discovered I was standing in front of the mirror

- me


I found these “7 Secrets of a Confident Woman” heart-warming, and felt compelled to share them.

Secret #1 – A Confident Woman Knows That She Is Loved.
Secret #2 – A Confident Woman Refuses To Live In Fear.
Secret #3 – A Confident Woman Is Positive.
Secret #4 – A Confident Woman Recovers From Setbacks.
Secret #5 – A Confident Woman Avoids Comparison.
Secret #6 – A Confident Woman Does Not Live In “If Only” And “What If”
Secret #7 – A Confident Woman Takes Action

let every day be our day...

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